Why Should You Avoid Unprotected Sex?

ways of safe sex

Risk is everywhere if not taken precautionary measures, isn’t? And the same is applied on sexual intercourse. Yup! ‘Sex’, just like other things, is a healthy part of one’s life. In fact, it is a powerful way of sharing love and intimacy with our partner. Though every living species and so is human are involved in this after a certain age, it’s very important to know about the safe sex before engaging into it. Else it can lead to unexpected pregnancy, infection, and can cause of many life threatening illnesses. So, let’s come forward and see why we should avoid unprotected sex.

Surprise Pregnancy

Among people of different ages, the risk of unprotected sex is the maximum in the first-timers and teens. This is because they are less aware of its side effects, in other words they look desperate, overconfidence, inexperience while engaging into the sexual intercourse. As a resultant, there can be a surprise pregnancy, infections, and other serious diseases. Even using a condom, they lack knowledge of the correct usage of right condom, and in such case, the chances are very high that they are infected with the sexually transmitted disease like sexually incompetent and incompatible in the long turn.Other than that, there can be psychological and socio-economic effects of premature or unsafe sex. In many cases young girls and women under 25 having unsafe sex can face a variety of issues like untimely menopause especially in the later age.

Overboard Sex

People generally get excited while intercourse and have unnatural sex with their partner. It may lead to swelling and pain that may be disastrous if not taken care of early. Overboard sex includes hasten or unnatural intercourse, sex while wearing two or wrong size condom in the place of one, and so on. Wearing wrong size or two condoms may rub against each other and can infect genital skin. Moreover, it can invite unnecessary problems in the form of infections, pain and agony. These problems can spread easily to other parts of your body if not timely cured.

Risk of Gonorrhea

Falling in unsafe sex, a young women or men could be under the threat of Gonorrhea. It is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It is type of bacteria that can develop and breed in internal part like reproductive tract, uterus, the cervix, fallopian tubes (women) and in the urethra (urine canal) in both women and men. It is a life threatening disease that adversely affects the penis and vagina and can be rapidly spread to other parts of the body.

Ignoring the symptoms of gonorrhea could be more sever if not treated at the time. This can cause infertility problem and disease like pelvic inflammatory, scarring of the fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy and endometriosis. It can also be transmitted from the pregnant lady to her unborn baby and can cause serious complications for the infant as it tends to passes through the birth tube.

Incurable Illnesses

It is the last thing that you would like to consider and avoid unprotected sex. Affecting with most grievous disease like Ads might evaporate your remaining sexual desire. Unfortunately, the symptoms of these sorts of diseases are not visible in the initial stages. Some of the grievous illness like growth of genital warts or tumors can destroy your sexual life for good if not detected and treated initially. For Ads, still there is no known treatment available. So it’s better to have safe sex rather than inviting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual Disease can be fatal, but still there is no need to panic. Proper precaution and regular check up can prevent any unprecedented diseases.

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