WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Results: Randy Orton Created history, Became 14-time world champion with a win over Drew McIntyre

Randy Orton created a history of winning the WWE world championship with a win over Dre Mclntyre in Hell in a cell. His glorious victory is marked as an end of Mclntyres’ title run. On the other hand, Roman Reigns successfully retain his Universal championship in the third title defense.

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The WWE Championship match started at the main event of Hell in a Cell PPV. Although Randy Orton wanted to attack McIntyre before he started the match, McIntyre retaliated and saw a tremendous brawl between the two superstars outside of the sail. Eventually, both superstars have entered the ring and the match has officially begun.

From the beginning of the match, McIntyre vented his anger on Randy Orton, Orton’s condition seems to be much worse. McIntyre threw the steel steps, but Randy saved himself. With McIntyre  currently preparing to give Claymore the kick, Randy Orton has started hitting the Steel Chair. Randy Orton has regained control, the bout once again reaching outside the ring.

Randy Orton targeted Drew’s injured jaw. This match has become much more dangerous and both superstars are seen in anger. McIntyre has given a neck breaker and is now preparing for the finisher. Randy exits the ring and Viper gets a chance to return. Randy Orton crashed to the table; both superstars are down outside the ring.

McIntyre pushed Randy into the ring, but Viper delivered DDT from Midrop. Randy Orton breaks the locks of sail and has opened the gate. Randy was on his way back but Drew attacked Randy from behind. Randy does not miss a chance and Drew is pushed on the sail. Randy Orton has reached the top of the sail and now McIntyre has climbed there as well.

McIntyre starts beating Randy, but Randy retaliates. Both superstars come down simultaneously and both are killing each other while hanging out on sail. McIntyre fell directly above the table, Randy managed his plan. Eventually, both superstars are inside the sail. McIntyre is seen bleeding from the mouth.

Randy Orton went for the RKO, but McIntyre retaliated and hit Claymore. McIntyre wanted to give Claymore the kick, but Randy withdrew and won the match giving RKO. Randy Orton became the WWE Champion for the 14th time.


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