26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack: All You Need to Know About 26/11 Terrifying Events

26/11, 2008 Mumbai Attack – the day that will never be forgotten for the terrifying attack at five major places of Mumbai, which left 166 people dead and around 166 people injured. Nine terrorists were killed in the four-day operation by armed forces, and the lone terrorist Ajmal Kasab was captured alive and sentenced to death at Yerwada Central Jail in Pune 2012. Today, it’s been 12 years of the Mumbai attack, and the world is paying homage to the victims. It was the same day today when 10 Pakistan-based terrorists entered Mumbai after hijacking a fishing trawler from a Pakistani port in Karachi.

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Once entered Mumbai, they targeted five major locations of the financial capital that were Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, Nariman House business and residential complex, Cama Hospital, Leopold Cafe, the Oberoi-Trident Hotel, and xand Tower. The terrorists hijacked cars including a police van and split into four groups. They used automatic weapons and hand grenades to kill people and blast the sites.

They attacked Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus first at around 9.20 PM. At this location the attack was lasted about 90 minutes, leaving 58 people killed and around 100 people injured. The second attack took place at Nariman House Business and residential complex housing the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch outreach center and carried out at around 8 to 10 minutes.

Before attacking this place, terrorists blew up a gas station at around 9:30. After that, they struck in a Leopold Café, they open fired there and killed 10 people. This attack lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter, terrorists blew up two taxies by planting bombs that left 5 people dead and 15 injured.

Then they moved towards the Taj Mahal palace and tower hotel. At the front doors, they started shooting and throwing grenades that killed at least 31 people. They also fired on guests bathing in the swimming pool and then moved inside the hotel.

Then the terrorist entered the central dome of the Taj Mahal Hotel and set that off which triggers a massive fire that subsequently raged up to the top floor of the Hotel.

Two of the terrorist attacked The Oberoi-Trident Hotel. They entered the hotel through the restaurant and fired on the crowd which left 30 people dead in a siege that lasted three days.

One of the terrorist groups fired on passengers at CST railway station, whereas Kasab and his fellow terrorist Ismail Khan targeted the Cama Hospital. They tried to enter the Hospital from the back gate, but the alert hospital staff had locked all the doors from inside. Then they attacked a police team outside the hospital, killing six of them, including ATS chief Hemant Karkare, and hijacked their jeep.

Kasab and his accomplice Ismail Khan were stopped near Girgaum Chowpatty, where police constable Tukaram Omble grabbed the barrel of their rifle. This gave the police team the edge to overpower Kasab and capture him. The other terrorist was killed.

Kasab was given a death sentence and executed by hanging on 21 November 2012. He buried at Yerwada Jail in Pune.

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