Christmas 2020: 10 Rules of the Bible that Are Difficult to Follow

Similar to the Gita and Quran, Christianity has faith in the Bible. However, a long time has passed and many things have changed, but the rules written in these epics are still the same. Similar to the Gita and Quran, many moral values are written in the Bible. But in the present era, people find them hard to follow. Let’s know what is forbidden in the Bible.

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Gorgeous Dresses and expensive things

According to the Bible’s chapter 2: 9, St. Timothy says, ‘Women must wear their dress in the right way. Not only this, reassembled fashion items like shining earrings, gold chains, or expensive watches are also forbidden.

Fishes or seafood

Fish or Sea Foods are prohibited in the Bible. According to Leviticus 10:11, creatures living in the river or the sea do not have wings. These organisms should be avoided.

Marriage after Divorce

Bible chapter 10: 11-12 says that one should not marry again after a divorce. If you have been divorced, it is good to remain a Bachelor’s.

No Divorce or Break Up With Partner

According to chapter 7: 10-11 of 1Croteians, people must not be divorced or think about remarriage. It also says that a woman should never be separated from her husband.

Ripped or Rough clothes

According to Leviticus chapter 10: 6, women’s heads should never be open, nor should they wear torn clothes.

Ban on girls speaking in church

Chapter 14:34 of 1Crothians states that women should not speak in church. They should remain silent until they are asked to speak.

Sex Before Marriage

Chapter 13: 4 of Hebrews says that it is a sin to have sex with a partner before marriage. Many things that describe sex before marriage is immoral have been mentioned in the Bible.

Shave or Beard Trimming

Leviticus chapter 19:27 says that men’s beards should either have long and thick like a mountain man or a clean cut.

Place one should prohibit drinking alcohol

The 10:09 chapter of Leviticus says that when you go to an event or function, you should not drink alcohol or any strong drink.

No Evil Behind Someone’s Back

Chapter 19:16 of Leviticus says that you should never do evil behind someone’s back no matter how angry and drunk you are.

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