Clare Crawley Gets Engaged with Former NFL Player Dale Moss

It just took four scenes for Clare Crawley to mete out the rose and get a ring to her left ring finger. Yep! In an “exceptional” scene on Thursday night, Crawley and previous NFL player Dale Moss got engaged. Crawley said a week ago that she was not wishing subsequent gathering on the second group date rose after all the folks had ridiculed her favorite contender Moss, during a dish.

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In Thursday’s scene, Crawley told host and maker Chris Harrison that she was “head over heels with Dale“, adding that she could see herself “hanging out” with him until the end of time. “I like what he discusses. I like what he’s keen on,” she told Harrison. “I feel like perhaps the universe was working in support of myself.”

When Harrison asked, “Don’t f – with me, did you guys talk at all before the show?” Carley replied “Not one single word,” “I swear on my father’s grave. I just went through years realizing what I don’t need,” she clarified. “I feel like Dale is my match,” she said. “He meets me on a level sincerely of what I’m searching for, all that I look for from a relationship, all that I deeply desire.”

“So in your brain at the present time, is this over?” Harrison asked. “Definitely,” Crawley answered emotionally. “Congrats, you’ve exploded ‘The Bachelorette,'” Harrison said.

“I am so becoming hopelessly enamored with this man,” she said in a voiceover. “It’s an unnerving circumstance to share your emotions with somebody unexpectedly. However, love naturally faces challenges.”

In a one-on-one date, Crawley and Moss emphasized how their parents had similar romantic tales. Their fathers caught a ride to see their mothers after they initially met. They likewise reinforced over getting deterred in the wake of losing their parents and afterward genuinely opening up once again.

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