Deep Sidhu arrested from Punjab, Police had rewarded 1 lakh rupees in Red Fort violence

On 26 January, Deep Sidhu, one of the main accused in the violence in Delhi, has been arrested by the police. After cutting the absconding for about 15 days, Deep Sidhu went into the hands of Special Cell of Delhi Police in the early hours of Tuesday. The police has placed a reward of one lakh rupees on him. Deep Sidhu has been arrested from Zirakpur in Punjab.

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Significantly, the police has also announced a reward of one lakh over Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, but amidst all this, one video message was being issued by Deep Sidhu one after the other. It has been claimed that whatever video the Punjabi actor uploads on social media platforms, Sidhu has a very close female friend behind it.

According to the police, Deep Sidhu did make the video, but it was uploaded by his very close female friend. These female friends used to sit outside India and upload videos of Sidhu. Sidhu’s trick behind this was to distract the investigating agencies. That is, Deep Sidhu was playing hide and seek with the police like a professional criminal.

Recently, Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu released a video saying that he has not done anything wrong, so he has no fear. He is collecting evidence related to the case and will appear before the police after 2 days. The actor also said that the investigating agencies should not disturb his family. Meanwhile, the police has arrested Deep Sidhu.

What is the charge on Deep Sidhu?

On January 26, a mob of miscreants reached the Red Fort and created a furore and hoisted their flag. The incident of hoisting the mark Sahib on the ramparts was criticized throughout the country. Farmers’ organizations isolated themselves from this incident and held Deep Sidhu responsible. It was also alleged that Sidhu is a BJP man.

In fact, after the Red Fort incident, Deep Sidhu’s picture with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and actor Sunny Deol from Gurdaspur started becoming viral. Farmers’ organizations had said that Deep Sidhu is a BJP man. At the same time, Sunny Deol had tweeted and said that me or my family has no connection with Deep Sidhu.

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