French Airstrikes in Mali: More than 50 Al Qaeda-linked Terrorists Have Been Killed, Another Attack to be Carried out Soon

The French government confirms that more than 50 al Qaeda-linked militants have been killed and four captured in an airstrike led by French Barclays Force in central Mali. The attack took place on Friday on the Burkina Faso-Niger border. Large quantities of weapons were seized. French Defense Minister Florence Parle took Twitter to confirm this news. She said the government is working hard to curb terrorism in the region. She re-tweeted the France Media Agency’s tweet which states, “About fifty jihadists affiliated with Al-Qaeda were killed on Friday during an operation carried out in Mali by the French army in so-called “three borders” area, near Burkina Faso, announced the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly.”

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In another tweet, Florence said, “On October 30 in Mali, the Barkhane force carried out an operation incapacitating more than 50 jihadists, also confiscating their materials and armaments. I salute the commitment of our soldiers; far from our borders, they work for our security.”

The defense minister further stated that the airstrike was done after drone surveillance showed that terrorists were preparing for an attack with several motorbikes in the border area. The airstrike was carried out with two Mirage jets and drones. Thirty motorbikes were also destroyed. In the attack, Ansar al-Islam group terrorists linked to al Qaeda have been killed, the defense minister said.

The French defense minister said in her tweet, “this opportune action deals a significant blow to a group affiliated with Al Qaeda. Faced with the immense challenge of stabilizing the Sahel, I know that I can count on the determination of our soldiers.” According to the French media group, France is preparing for another attack targeting Islamic State terrorists’ bases in Greater Sahara. The United Nations has deployed 13,000 troops for a peace mission in Mali. France has deployed 5,100 troops in the Sahel region.

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