Happy Teddy Day 2021: Know Why Teddy Day is Celebrated, Teddy Day Wishes, and More

Valentine’s Week has been started and today it is the fourth day of valentine regarded as teddy day. It starts with rose day followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, and so on. On Teddy Day, a gift is given to our loved ones as a teddy bear and expressed love. People around the world celebrate this day by wishing their loved ones with Teddy bear and love wishes. Let’s take a look at some of the love wishes of teddy day.

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Teddy Day Love Wishes

“Nowadays I smile seeing each teddy, how should I tell you that I can see nothing but you in each teddy”

“Being a teddy I cannot be with you for 24 hours, but please always embrace me as a teddy.”

“Sending you Teddy with love, please keep it with care”

“I promise you on this Teddy Bear’s day, I will always be with you, will never hurt, and never annoy you. Happy Teddy Bear Day”

The story Behind Teddy Day

The teddy bear celebrated originated in America. There was a time when the border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana was at its peak and the President of the US at that time was Theodore Roosevelt who was the 26th President of America. Roosevelt was a politician, but he was also a good writer. Roosevelt went on a trip to Mississippi to settle the dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. To understand the problem, he visited the Mississippi jungle in his spare time.

During this time, he saw an injured bear who had been tied to a tree. The bear was moaning. Roosevelt freed the bear but ordered him to be shot. So that he can get relief from suffering. This incident was widely discussed throughout America. A cartoon related to this incident was published in a reputed newspaper in which people liked the bear which cartoonist Berryman had created. From that day the trend of giving a teddy bear to one’s loved ones has been started. People started showing love to their dear ones by giving teddy bears.

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