Hug Day 2021: Do You Know Hugging Your Loved Ones Has Amazing Benefits!

Valentine’s week is at the peak, and among rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise day, Hug and kiss day, hug day is said to be the most important day of a valentine because it is an intimate expression of love for your partner. The sixth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Hug Day. A hug is a simple expression of love that expresses a lot of emotions.

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Improve Your Mood

When you are not in the right mood, then a hug from a friend or loved one is powerful enough to enhance your mood. Hugging your loved ones on joyous occasions can also double your happiness and create a sense of confidence. It is a symbol of love and affection towards someone. Embracing someone can have a lot of health benefits too.

Relieve Stress

Many researchers suggest that hugging a trusted person can serve as an effective means of support. Also, increasing the frequency of hugs can be an effective means of reducing stress.

Good for Mental Health

When you hug your loved one, a hormone called oxytocin is released into the bloodstream. This helps improve memory power. Not only this, but it also stimulates the nervous system which helps you strike a good balance between activity and peace.

Strengthen Your Immunity

It is believed that when you hug someone, the pressure is applied to the sternum (breastbone) which creates an emotional charge. This activates the plexus chakras which in turn help the thymus glands. This gland is responsible for regulating the production of white blood cells in the body and keeping you healthy.

Relieves Muscle Tension

A hug releases tension in the body by improving your blood circulation as well as combating pain. Even this promotes blood flow to the soft tissues which can help to relax the stressed muscles.

Reduce Blood Pressure

It is believed that whenever you hug someone close to you, the level of oxytocin increases. This hormone is very important for reducing cortisol in the body, which can lower your blood pressure level.

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