India Supports France, Turkey Gets Infuriated over Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon on Turkish president, Vows to Take Legal Action

Turkish authorities attacked France’s famous satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo against cartoons that show Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lifting a woman Burka from her back. They accused Charlie Hebdo’s magazine of sowing ‘seeds of hatred and enmity’ against Islam and Muslims.

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Expressing anger at Erdoğan’s cartoon, Turkey officials said that they will take legal and diplomatic actions against France and the magazine. As the protest rising in many Muslim majority countries, it is expected that that cartoon may further escalate tensions between Turkey and France. In the meantime, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also written a letter, in which he has appealed to Muslim countries to unite against Western countries.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has also given its response. On Wednesday, the Indian Foreign Ministry supported the French President. In a statement, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has said, “We condemn unacceptable personal attacks against President Emmanuel Macron. We also condemn teachers’ death in a brutal terrorist attack. We express condolences to his family and the people of France. There is no justification for supporting terrorism for any reason or under any circumstances.”

Ambassador of France Emmanuel Lenain tweeted the statement of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and thanks to the Indian Foreign Ministry. He said that France and India can always rely on each other in the fight against terrorism.

Why Turkey Is Angry Now?

First, Turkey is angry over the cartoon of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Soon after the publication of the cartoon, Turkish spokesman İbrahim Kalın tweeted, “We strongly condemn the publication of the French magazine, which does not have any faith, sacred and respect for values for our President. They only reveal their own addictions and immoralities. It is not an attack on personal rights, humor, and freedom of expression.”

Kalin further said, “The aim of these publications, devoid of morality and decency, is to sow seeds of hatred and animosity. Turning freedom of expression into hostility towards religion and belief can only be the product of a sick mentality. Everyone with common sense should condemn and reject this abominable publishing.”

At the same time, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay wrote on Twitter, “I call on the international community to speak out against this hatred based on morality.”

What is in the cartoon?

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a cartoon mocking Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the cartoon, Erdogan is seen seated on a chair in a T-shirt and underpants. He is holding a beer in his right hand while in his left hand he is shown lifting the skirt of a woman wearing a hijab from behind to see her naked body.

The two countries are already embroiled at France’s support to Turkey’s rival Greece in the East Mediterranean Sea. When President Emmanuel Macron announced to take new steps to clamp down on Islamic separatism, Turkish President Erdogan said that Macron’s mental health should be checked.

What is the story behind the protest?

This issue begins with Samuel Patty showing the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. On October 16, 18-year-old Abdullah Anzoroff beheaded the teacher Samuel Petty. The fresh controversy that ensued in France over Islam since Patty’s cartoons showing Prophet Mohammed grew further after his assassination.

Two weeks before the attack on Patty, President Emmanuel Macron said that Islam is a religion that is in fact in crisis. He also announced to take new steps to tackle Islamic separatism.

Against Radical Islamism, Not Muslims

France’s Labor Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, said that France would not give up its values to avoid boycotting their goods. He further said, “The fact is that everything has been presented in a very messy manner which is certainly very miserable and condemnable. Of course, we cannot give up values to prevent these boycotts. But one has to understand that we want to fight against radical Islamism and we are doing this together with Muslims and not against them.”

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President of Turkey Seen Lifting the Woman’s Burqa in Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon, Sparked Anger in Turkey

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