Kiss Day 2021: Play a Little Before Kissing Your Partner

The first kiss is always exciting, and kiss day during valentine’s week is the icing on the cake to kiss your partner and express love. Everyone wants to kiss their lover on this day, and the chances are more to get support from their partner on this day. If you too are thinking something like this, but you are not daring how to kiss your partner, then let’s take a look at some advice.

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If a kiss is made already, then lovers do not need any day to kiss. But the first kiss on kiss day of valentine’s week always gives a different feeling. To express love and to increase your partner’s heartbeat, the partner should kiss. This will make your partner feel how much you love her/his.

Make Your Partner Feel before Kiss

Make love with your partner, see in her/his eyes, and express love. Indeed, you will get to know when you see in your partner’s eyes. This will increase your partner’s heartbeat, and your partner will be impelled to think about you.

Start with Goodbye Kiss

You may be wondering when it is right to kiss. So let us tell you, usually when you are parting with your partner, you kiss your partner on the pretext of goodbye. This will get your partner excited and will want to sit with you for a while.
Do this for a while, this will constantly give you a hint to kiss, but if you are unable to understand how to do so, then you should invite your partner with your eyes or you put a loving hand on the partner’s hand. You can kiss on your partner’s cheeks and his/her forehead before kissing on lips.

Stolen Kiss Will Always Be Helpful

A stolen kiss is the sudden kiss that is taken to express love without telling the partner. This will not hurt your partner’s feelings and he/she will also be able to understand what she/he wants from you.
The first Love should not be Harsh and hard. This may hurt your partner. Rather, a lightly lip-kiss makes your partner realize how much you want them.

Try to Keep Your Kiss Shorter

The first kiss should not be for very long. Slowly separate after a few seconds making your partner realize your love. But also keep in mind, if your partner wants to do a kiss for a long time, then let him/her do it.

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