Mamta Banerjee Attacked BJP, said They Have Made this Country a Crematorium

Prior to the upcoming assembly elections in Bengal, the leader of all India Trinamool Congress party has attacked BJP. The Chief Minister of the state Mamta Banerjee has appealed to the public to show the door to the Bharatiya Janata Party. Mamta criticized BJP stating that they have made this country a crematorium but her party TMC will not allow this to happen in Bengal.

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Addressing a rally in Burdwan, the Trinamool Congress chief also targeted former party members who have now joined the hand of BJP. Mamta said that these rebels are bad people who had left the party.

Mamta said, ‘Some infamous cows are trying to hide their misdeeds. It is good that they left … the bad guys left the party. I think people who left the party did not even think well for the TMC while staying in the party, so it is not necessary for them to stay in the party.’

Mamta did not stop here. He compared TMC members joining the BJP to those evil children who leave their sick mothers in times of need. Mamta said, ‘A mother feeds, raises and feeds her child and when the mother falls ill or needs something else, then these children cheat and run away. These children are bad children, they cannot be good children. ‘

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