Nearly 700,000 people in the US Turns in on Twitch to Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Play Hit Video Game ‘Among Us’

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 31-year-old representative, turned in on twitch to play the Multiplayer video game ‘Among Us’ that has become so popular among Twitch celebrities over the past few months. This is a game where players race around the cartoonish ships, complete the task, and try not to be killed. Almost 700,000 people turned in on twitch to watch her playing with several streamers along with fellow democratic congressman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

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According to Forbes, around 440,000 people went to twitch stream set up by AOC, while another 200,000 or so followed separate broadcasts by gaming stars Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, and HasanABi.

Prior to the beginning of ‘Among us’, AOC urged those who are watching congresswomen play to vote for her in the upcoming presidential election. She told before starting the game, “We are here to vote blue”. She further added, “We have the ability to vote Trump out of office, to vote for a Biden-Kamala ticket. Let’s make sure we change this country.”


Before starting the game, she took a minute to examine the game’s user interface, managing the option like sound control, sliding cursor, and more. Increasing the volume, she said, “Look at how spooky this music is” and laughed. “Sorry I’m just kind of getting this together”, she added.

AOC’s Twitch stream is the new use of a broadcast platform. Around 40 million people in the US watch this every month. However, its popularity is limited to those who are interested in sports, and it is certainly not a platform where elected officials usually go to connect with people and deliver an important political message.


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