People in Bangladesh Gathered Against France and Cartoon of Prophet Mohammad

The dispute is growing in France because of its strong stand against Islamic extremism. There has been a strong reaction from Islamic countries regarding France’s tough stance on Islamic extremists. Protesters in Dhaka burnt effigies of French President Emmanuel Macron.

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Emmanuel Macron supported the cartoon printed on Prophet Mohammed in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The protesters were moving towards the French Embassy in Dhaka but were stopped by the police. Emmanuel Macron defended French secularism and since then, he has been the target of many Muslim-majority countries.

Earlier this month, a teacher in France was beheaded over a cartoon printed on Prophet Mohammad. While paying tribute to that teacher, Macron said that he would not bow down to the cartoon. On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also called for a boycott of French goods.

In his speech on television, Erdogan said, “The way the Jews were being targeted after the Second World War, the campaign against Muslims is being driven today. The leaders of Europe should ask the President of France to stop such hate campaigns.”

However, all governments in European countries have supported Emmanuel Macron and condemned Erdoğan’s response. On Saturday, Erdogan had said about the attitude of the President of France on Islamic extremism that Macrons need to be given mental treatment. In response, Erdogan also announced the withdrawal of his ambassador from France.

What happened in Dhaka?

According to police estimates, around 40,000 people attended the march against France. This march was organized by the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami. It is one of the largest Islamic parties in Bangladesh. The protesters were raising slogans of ‘boycott of French goods’ and demanding punishment of President Macron.

The leader of the Islamic movement Ataur Rahman Khan told the protesters that Macron was one of the few leaders who worship the devil. Rahman also demanded the Bangladesh government to send back the French ambassador.

Another leader of the Islamic movement, Syed Nasiruddin said that France is an enemy of Muslims, and those who represent France are also enemies. The police had made tight arrangements to stop the protesters, five kilometers from the French Embassy.

Taslima Nasrin, an exiled Bangladesh-based writer living in India, tweeted a photo of the protests in Dhaka, writing, “The insane people of Bangladesh want to boycott French goods with the cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. They do not go on the road against rape, murder, corruption, poverty, and injustice. They do not boycott Chinese goods where public toilets are being built by breaking mosques. Islam is not a religion but politics.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to its citizens in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Mauritania to remain alert. There have been demonstrations against France in these countries. The Foreign Ministry in its statement has also condemned the appeal of the boycott of French goods.

The French Foreign Ministry said in its statement, “France’s stand is being misrepresented in favor of freedom of expression, religious freedom and hatred.” President Macron’s statement is also being used for political gains. The appeal of the boycott of French goods is meaningless and should be stopped immediately. ”

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