Shocking: China Reveals that It Has Already Ingested 1 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine Since July

While the vaccination program in Britain and US has been started, China has disclosed that it has already ingested 1 million doses of Coronavirus vaccines since July. However, it is not clear how many people were vaccinated with 1 million doses. According to’s report; China has revealed that it has already been giving Corona vaccine supplements to people extensively since July.

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According to the report, China initially gave vaccine supplements to people who were at high risk of infection. China has so far used Sinovac Biotech and CNBG vaccines. However, still no country aside from outside China has approved this vaccine for common people.

Now China is conducting vaccinations programs for 5 crores people connected to the hospital, custom, public transport, cold chain logistics and other groups. People already struggling with any other disease will also be vaccinated in China. China National Health Commission Deputy Minister Jing Yijin said that in the latter phase, the common people will get the vaccine.

Zeng Yijin further said that due to the winter season, China is facing a tough challenge in controlling the virus. He said that the aim of China is to achieve herd immunity through vaccination. Two doses of Both CNBG and Sinovac vaccine have to be injected followed by a booster dose.

Due to 1 million vaccination, China seems to be far ahead than America and Britain. At the same time, Russia says that till now 3 lakh 20 thousand people have been vaccinated in the country.

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