Things Known about Vienna, Austria, Terrorist Attack: Two killed in Firing and Several Injured, One Attacker Arrested

In Vienna, the capital of Austria, some armed gunmen have opened fire at six different places. According to the local police of Vienna, two people have been killed on the spot and several others have been injured. The shooting took place near the Central Synagogue (Jewish worship site) in Vienna.

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Cruz described it as a ‘terrorist attack’ and said one of the attackers had been killed. Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehme has said the search operation for other attackers is going one. The mayor of Vienna said that one person died at the site of the shootout while another woman died in the hospital after being injured in the shoot. 14 injured people are currently hospitalized in which six are in critical condition. One policeman is also among the injured.

The attack took place just hours before new rules were implemented across the country in relation to increasing cases of corona cases in Austria.
Things Known About Vienna Attack?

Vienna Police says the shooting incident took place near the Seitenstettengasse Synagogue in Vienna, the city’s main Jewish temple. Oscar Deutsche, a leader of the Jewish community, tweeted that the attack took place at 8 pm local time when the Synagogue was closed.

According to the Austrian media, a policeman guarding the Synagogue was injured in the attack. It is still not clear how many attackers were involved in the shootout. But Local media of Vienna said that the Ministry of Home Affairs confirmed that one person has been arrested.

In the footage being circulated on social media, people are seen running away. One-armed man was seen shooting a man on a deserted road in the night. According to the news agency AFP, an eyewitness told the government broadcaster ORF that the shooting sound was like a cracker but later it was found that there was a firing.

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that the attack in Vienna is tragic. Macron said, “After France, our close country Austria has been targeted. Our enemies should know that we will not bow down and fight together.

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