US election result 2020 live update Trump Vs Biden: Trump Alleges fraud in Ballot Paper, Threaten to go to Supreme Court

Voting for the presidential election in the US is over and now most the citizens are eagerly waiting for the result, and with passing time, the scenario is changing unexpectedly. The counting of votes still continues. According to the latest update so far, Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democrats party is leading, while President Donald Trump appears to be trailing. Not only America but the whole world is focused on the electoral results of America.

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Donald Trump threatens to go to the Supreme Court

Donald Trump said that in many places counting of votes with ballot papers is being fraudulent, but we will win the election. We have won the election and I want to thank my voters.

Address of Trump between the counting of votes

Amid the counting of votes, US President Donald Trump addressed the country. Donald Trump said that I want to thank the American people, millions of people have voted for us. Some people want to impress our voters. We were preparing for a big victory, but suddenly the atmosphere has started changing. Donald Trump said that we won Texas, Florida by a large margin but these votes are not being added. We are moving forward in North Carolina. Trump also thanked the voters of Pennsylvania, we are running ahead of 6 lakh votes. Trump said that we are winning state after state.

In these states, results overturned (12:35 Pm)

  • Texas – 38 Electoral votes, Donald Trump wins
  • Florida – 29 Electoral votes, Donald Trump won
  • Michigan – 16 electoral votes, Donald Trump ahead
  • Ohio – 18 electoral votes, Donald Trump wins
  • Pennsylvania – 20 electoral votes, Donald Trump ahead

Wins overturned in electoral votes! (2:21 PM)

There is a big upswing in the US elections. According to news agency Reuters, Donald Trump has taken an edge in the trends. There are now 213 electoral votes in Donald Trump’s account, while Joe Biden has 210 electoral votes.

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