US Presidential Election 2020: Biden Is Only 6 Votes Away From Victory, But This Way, Trump Can Win the Election!

The counting of votes for the presidential election is still going on in America. The result has been declared in 43 states out of 50 states. Trump has win 214 votes whereas Biden has bagged 243 electoral votes. Biden requires only 6 votes to win the presidential election. However, in the states where the counting is going on can change the entire result.

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Though Democrats’ candidate Joe Biden is looking close to victory, US President Donald Trump is still leading in some states. In such a situation, in the end, Trump can cross the majority figure as Trump is leading in many states.

Counting still continues in about 5 states. According to the current poll, 54 votes are going in favor of Donald Trump while for the majority; he needs 56 votes. But 6 votes are going in favor of Joe Biden which he needs.

States Where Counting Is Still Going On

  • Pennsylvania – 20 votes – Donald Trump ahead
  • North Carolina – 15 votes – Donald Trump ahead
  • Georgia – 16 votes – Donald Trump ahead
  • Alaska – 3 votes – Donald Trump ahead
  • Nevada – 6 votes – Joe Biden ahead

How Can Trump Win Now?

In such a situation where the USA presidential election is going in favor of Biden, Donald Trump has expectations from the flip states. If Donald Trump wins in Nevada too, then the majority can be in his favor. Only 75 percent of the vote has been counted in Nevada, so the poll can still change in the end.

The same thing happened in Michigan before, where Donald Trump was on the verge of winning first, but in the end, the results turned in favor of Joe Biden. So, nothing can be said until the final vote is counted.

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