US Presidential Election 2020 Live Result: Biden Prepares for White House before Final Result

As the counting of votes is headed towards its final round, Democratic Party seems to be winning the USA presidential election. However, all the votes of both the houses have not been counted yet, so the final result has yet to come. Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, while Democrats hold the House of Representatives. Democrats hope that they would dominate the Senate so that they could advance the agenda of the next president on their own.

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The Democrat was expected to win four important seats in the Senate of the upper house of Congress, but Republican candidates yet continued to hold on to their seats.

Meanwhile, Democrats are expected to hold a majority with the defeat on a few seats in the lower house of the House of Representatives. Democrats have lost the main seat whereas Republican Senator Susan Collins has saved her seat. For this seat, she had a close fight with Democrat candidate Sarah Gideon.

Republicans are expected to win 23 out of 35 seats in the Senate whereas Democrats are likely to win 12 out of 35 seats. Senators are elected for 6 years and every two years one-third of the Senate seats are vacant on which re-election takes place. For the past 6 years, Democrats have not had a majority in the Senate.

Biden prepares to reach the white house before the victory

Whoever candidates win in the US presidential elections 2020 sets up a transition team of his own before preparing to reach the White House in January. Though the election result is not declared, the polling done so far is going in the favor of Biden. According to the media agency, Biden is confident of winning and he starts preparing to reach the White House.

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US Presidential Election 2020 Live Result: Postal Votes Can Lead to the Legal Dispute

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