USA Presidential Election Live Result 2020: Trump Vs Biden

USA Presidential Election coverage: Trump Wins Florida That Is a Crucial Battleground State


Initial results from major states, including Florida, in the US presidential election show a close fight between the two candidates. 270 Electoral College votes are needed to win.

Donald Trump’s winning predictions: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North and South Dakota, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

Joe Biden’s winning prediction: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, New Mexico, and New Hampshire.

Donald Trump is trying his best to win the presidential election again and not to repeat the history of George Bush Sr. who was unable to become president again in the 1992 election.

To win the presidential election in America, it is necessary to win the swing state. These states make the final decision of the presidential candidate’s fate. Swing states are those states whose voter tends to keep changing their support. Sometimes they choose the Democrat candidate or sometimes the Republican

Trump Said, ‘They are trying to steal the Vote’

While counting of votes begins and Biden takes an edge over Trump, US President Donald Trump has accused his opponent of ‘stealing the election’ by tweeting between the counting of votes. However, Twitter blocked his tweet to share and like.

Trump wrote – “We are ahead but they want to steal the election results from us.” We will not allow them to do so, after the elections are over, votes cannot be cast. ”

US Election Result 2020: Amid Counting of votes, Thousands Gathered Near White House

Amid the counting of votes for the USA presidential election, thousands of USA citizens gathered near the white house and was raising slogans. Initial results have started to coming in and getting cleared in many USA states. Meanwhile, people are gathering outside the White House.
According to News Agencies, hundreds of people have gathered near Black Lives Matter Plaza, a block away from the White House. People have gathered here with posters, banners, and shouting slogans for democracy.

Ahead of the USA election presidential results in the USA, heavy security personnel has been deployed in many states. It is expected that election results may lead to violence.

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