What further evidence is needed against Anti National Shehla Rashid, the father himself testified

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) alumnus leader Shehla Rashid’s talk and activities were already under suspicion, but her own father has proved these fears true. Shehla Rashid’s father has written a letter to the Director General of Police (DGP) of Jammu Kashmir and has made serious allegations against his daughter.

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Shehla Rashid is plotting to break the country

Former student leader Shehla Rashid has made sensational allegations by her father Abdul Rashid Shora. Shehla’s father has claimed that his daughter is involved in activities that destroy the integrity and sovereignty of the country. He has also written a letter to the Jammu and Kashmir DGP, demanding immediate security cover for himself.

Shehla’s father has informed that transactions worth crores of rupees are taking place in his house. Recently, 3 crore cash came into his house. On asking about which Shehla threatened to kill his father. This can be a sign of some serious conspiracy.

Shehla Rashid threatens her father

In the letter, Shehla Rashid’s father has described his own life as a threat to his daughters Shehla Rashid, Asma and wife Zubaida Shora. He said that his daughter is anti national. In this connection, a video of Shehla’s father Abdul Rashid Shora is also going viral on social media, in which they are blaming Shehla Rashid in detail.

With his pole open, Baukhalai Shehla Rashid has started accusing himself of giving birth to father. He has given a statement that recently on the court’s order, his father’s house has been banned, after which he is making accusations.

Shehla Rashid raises money to break the country

Let us tell you that Shehla Rashid’s father Abdul Shora claimed that his daughter had taken three crore rupees for the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement. He said on Shehla Rashid that she also runs NGOs and those NGOs should also be investigated.

Shehla Rashid’s father exposed his traitorous mentality to the country. He has alleged that in legal documents, Shehla declares herself unemployed, so where will the money come from. It should be investigated. Everyone will know where the funding is coming from and why it is coming.

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