Why can’t EVM Hacked? Member of Indian National Congress Udit Raj Raises the Question

Bihar assembly elections 2020 live result: the Grand Alliance seems to be gaining an edge on NDA in the initial trend of counting, but after that, the grand alliance is continuously lagging behind. Seeing the reversal in the trends, the opposition has started raising questions on the credibility of the EVMs.

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As per the current trend, the NDA is now getting a clear majority. Out of 243 assembly seats, the NDA has an edge over 130 seats. At the same time, the Mahagathbandhan seems to be shrinking around 100 seats.

Soon after the current trend changes, Udit Raj took Twitter to tweet, “If there was an election with EVM in America, could Trump lose?” In his other tweet, he has accused EVMs is vulnerable. Prior to Udit Raj, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also described EVMs as MVM i.e. Modi Voting Machine during an election rally in Bihar.

The Chief Election Officer of Bihar revealed that only 20 percent of the votes have been counted till 12:44 noon. He said that it may take up to 6-7 pm to clear the result. The Election Officer said that only 80 lakh votes have been counted so far while the total number of votes is over 4 crores.

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