Bigg Boss 13: Eviction Sword is on Mahira Sharma!

Mahira Sharma Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss has now reached in its 19th week. The competition has grown very intense now. The show is very close to its finale. Only 5 contestants are supposed to reach in the grand finale, which means 2 more evictions are to be held.

Having numerous twists and turns is usual in Bigg Boss. It is expected that in the 19th week, a midnight eviction will happen. And the most prominent contestant for this eviction is Mahira Sharma. Along with Mahira, Arti is also considered as one of the bottom two contestants. In the 18th week, Mahira was safe, not even nominated so she easily escaped eviction last week. But this week, in the midnight eviction Mahira will be evicted. After Mahira’s departure Paras will be alone in the house, having no supporter.

Well, to witness all this we have to wait for upcoming episodes. But presently, social media is exploding with the news of Mahira Sharma’s eviction.

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