Bigg Boss Season 13: Salman Khan Gets Angry at Paras Chhabra

Big Boss Season 13

Bigg Boss season 13 is turning into a high-voltage drama. Each passing day the fan is witnessing a new story, earlier we have seen Paras Chhabra’s mother saying him don’t be cozy to Mahira and concentrate on your game. In the latter day, we have seen Mahira’s mother teasing Paras if she could slap him, and now Salman khan seen infuriated at Paras. Once Salman Khan accused Paras of using Mahira Sharma for a fake love, Paras defended himself saying that they are just a friend and “Sir ye bekar kin bate na hi kare to accha hai, mai ye bekar ki bate sunana nahi chahta”. Salman khan got angry at Paras and screamed at him “mai aa jaun kya, “Keep your voice down”.

Bigg Boss season 13 has witnessed Paras Chhabra kissing Mahira Sharma many times in spite of her denying. Paras also admitted that he wanted to love with Mahira, something that he has already been confessed to his girlfriend, Akanksha Puri. It appears Salman Khan is in no mood to spare Paras. He said that Akanksha has requested him to find out the truth.

Earlier Paras Chhabra was participating in Rashami Desai’s group. However, their relationship gets bitter after he got closer to Mahira Sharma. Salman Khan scolds Paras for bonding close relationship with Mahira and not winning even a single task.

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