Coronavirus Outbreak: The TV Industry Going To Suffer A Loss of 100 Crores Due to Lockdown!

Coronavirus outbreak: The TV industry going to suffer a loss of 100 crores due to lockdown!

As instructed by BMC and Maharashtra Police, all the production houses have been closed. For now, this shutdown has been dated till the end of March but it may be expanded ahead if required. The film and TV industry is going to face the biggest impact of this lockdown. It has been reported that the TV industry is going to suffer a loss of 100 crores in two weeks.

The TV industry works by scheduling its shooting in shifts. For your information, this is important to bring to your attention that, only a few (2-3) episodes are shot in advance. So, there are no episodes left with the production houses to air till the March-end.

Additionally, the Coronavirus shutdown is not only affecting the earnings but also the daily lives of the staff involved in it. For a matter of fact, consider the support staff, who works to earn daily wages. Their lives are endangered now. Recently, some celebrities have come up and donated a part of their earnings to these daily wage laborers.

In an interview, IFTPC chairman, JD Majithia has stated that there is no need to panic. It will not going to provide any solution rather it will worsen the conditions. All we can do is wait and hope this pandemic to end soon. The loss the TV industry is going to suffer is huge and we have no option other than seeing it happen in front of our eyes. Additionally, he stated that at this moment the production houses must focus on web series. Although, the TV industry will suffer huge loss but internet-based series are going to gain much popularity at this time. Also, it is a good time for those OTT platforms who have once been lost in the crowd but have good content.

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