International Mountain Day 2020: Why is International Mountain Day celebrated? Know Everything About It

International Mountain Day 2020: Why is International Mountain Day celebrated? Know Everything About It

International Mountain Day 2020: Why is International Mountain Day celebrated? Know Everything About It

Every year on 11 December, International Mountain Day is celebrated all over the world. From snow covered Himalayas to lush green mountains, each mountain is special in its own way and is home to various animals and birds. According to the United Nations website, mountains form 15% of the world’s population and host half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

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The purpose of this day is to increase awareness about conservation of mountains and its rich biodiversity. People also celebrate this day by wishing them Happy International Mountain Day 2020. So let us tell you on the occasion of International Mountain Day 2020, what is the history, importance and subject of this day….

History of International Mountain Day

This day educates people to understand the role of mountains in the environment and its impact on life. International Mountains Day was formed in 1992 when the “Manageable Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development” of Chapter 13 of Agenda 21 was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. There is no doubt, it has given a new look to the history of development of mountains. Seeing increasing attention towards the importance of the mountain, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2002 the United Nations International Mountains Year and designated December 11 as International Mountains Day from 2003. International Mountains Day was first observed on 11 December 2003. Since then it is celebrated every year with a special theme.

Importance of International Mountains Day

International Mountains Day is important because it calls for awareness to save rich biodiversity and natural landscape. In addition to population and biodiversity, the mountains also provide half of humanity with fresh water for everyday life. Climate change has made it difficult for people living on the mountain to escape. Rising temperatures have also melted mountain glaciers at unprecedented rates, affecting fresh water supplies to millions. Globally, these problems are affecting almost everyone. Thus it is very important to take care of these natural heritage.

Theme of International Mountain Day 2020

The theme of this year’s International Mountain Day 2020 Theme is “Mountain Biodiversity”. This theme is decided by the United Nations to celebrate the rich biodiversity found on the mountains and to face those threats. However, many unfortunate things such as climate change, continuous agricultural practices, commercial mining, logging and poaching have heavily impacted the mountain’s biodiversity. The purpose of this International Mountains Day is to make people aware of such reasons and to call for action to stop them with immediate effect.

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